Best Printable July 2017 Calendar

Yeshua, who is really Yehovah (Col. 2:9), will start His seven year commencement on the ninth day of the fifth month, which is the Hebrew month of Av. The primary month of the New Year started the night of July 2017 Calendar, when the restored Moon was located in Israel. It was the 80th day on the Julian Calendar. It is normal that 126 days after the fact, which is the night of July 25th, being the ninth of Av, the commencement starts.


As indicated by our Creator’s timetable, the heavenly occasion of the Shoemaker/Levy-9 Comet started on the ninth day of the fifth month, on July sixteenth 1994 AD. Yehovah’s 21st commemoration of that occasion will about fall this year at some point between the night of July 25th, which is a Saturday, and the night of July 26th, which is a Sunday.

Comet Shoemaker/Levy-9 had twenty-three pieces when initially found in March of 1993. From July sixteenth through the 22nd, just twenty-one of those sections hit Jupiter amid those seven days. Here is the translation of that heavenly sign as I see it. Either the begin of, or the consent to start assembling, the third Temple will happen about July 2017 Calendar, pending on the locating of the reestablished Moon for the time of Av. Regardless, it will be the ninth day of the fifth month. Two Jewish years after that (August 4, 2017?), the Temple ought to be finished and the Ark of the Covenant uncovered. I think the seven days of effects demonstrate that the seven years of the tribulation (3½ gentle, 3½ awesome) begin this July, between the 25th and 27th, 2015, in all likelihood on the Sabbath.


As well as can be expected decide, is that the principal affect happened around 12:13 AM Jerusalem time, on the morning of July 17 1994. After nightfall on the sixteenth of July, would have started the ninth day of the fifth month (Av). In this manner, the planned occasion will most likely happen the morning of July 26, 2015, in Jerusalem. Considering the most recent corrupt choices by the U.S. Incomparable Court, you can expect the “brimstone to hit the fan” soon.

Here are the purposes behind my decisions. To start with, in first Kings 7:13 – 16, it reveals to us that King Solomon acquired the administrations of Hiram, an ace expert of metal. He made two columns, every eighteen cubits high, and twelve cubits in distance across. A scriptural cubit is around 19 inches. He additionally made two chapiters of metal to sit on top of the columns, being five cubits high. When you add five cubits to eighteen cubits, you have a tallness of twenty-three cubits, which is just around forty feet tall. Together, the two segments in the front of the sanctuary were named Boaz (constrain), and the correct segment was named Jachin (support). The Temple was finished in 1011 BC, taking seven years and six months to manufacture.


Also, in second Kings, it discloses to us that the Babylonians had stripped Jerusalem and the Temple around 425 years after it was worked by Solomon. When they went into the Temple to appropriate the Ark and Table of Shewbread, the room where the relics were kept was unfilled. The two metal columns where eighteen cubits high, yet the chapiters on top of the columns were just three cubits high. So what happened to the two missing cubits? The chapiters had sunk two cubits inside the metal columns. Think about how that happened.

we read that when the columns and chapiters were brought down and carted away to Babylon, the chapiters were by and by five cubits high. In any case, now, we discover that the mainstays of metal were empty, being around three inches thick around. Jeremiah and Levite ministers had worked a sand water driven framework that initiated a lift framework to bring down the gold antiques underneath the Temple Mount, and concealed them in a surrender which was around 31 feet beneath the recognize that Jesus would be executed around 613 years after the fact.


I am influenced that the present Muslim Mosque will descend to start with, and extraordinary pleasure will be in Israel as they start development of the hotly anticipated Temple of Yehovah. I would like to see it, before the man of wrongdoing contaminates it in July 2017 Calendar, amid or after the Feast of Dedication. Fringe to the normal occasion could be peace grabbed from the jaws of war (or the a different way), fall, or an unexplained blast. I won’t put on a show to know.

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